Week three flew by!

Well week three was a dud school wise. As you’ve already read, we left school early Monday to get Charlotte to the bank before it closed. Then we skipped school Tuesday to go to Xunantunich. Wednesday was no different. Dr. August came to get us pretty much right after lunch to go to a presentation at the University of Belize. The presentation was by both female students and teachers at the university. The presentation was for women to be heard and were pieces written for a poetry class. This was pretty neat to go to and I’m glad we got out of exams because I would have been sitting in the classroom fighting sleep. On Thursday, Charlotte and I got ready while anxiously awaiting the Macy’s parade. It didn’t begin until it was almost time to leave for school so Dr. August let us stay home until 9 so we could watch more of the parade. Though missing our families on Thanksgiving, we had a fun afternoon planned. We went to Art Box after school which is an art gallery, souvenir shop, and cafe. This was a lot of fun! The place itself is a work of art. Then we had a meeting arranged for a former teacher and current professor of education. We had many questions for her about her time as a teacher and also about how teachers are taught today. Turns out the teachers here who are trained have a class on management and lesson planning and running a classroom but for some reason these methods aren’t practiced in many of our classrooms. Another problem is that only about half of all teachers in Belize are certified teachers. This isn’t a requirement here. There is just so much wasted time at school.

We returned home late Thursday night and were greeted with a surprise Thanksgiving meal from our host families. There was turkey, ham, stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potato pie, deviled eggs, gravy, rum popo (egg nog with rum), and decorations. It was so nice to have a Thanksgiving down here as we were missing our families somewhat on this holiday. So to honor thanksgiving, I will share with you the prayer we say at school after lunch!

We thank you, Lord for the world so sweet
We thank you, Lord for the food we eat
We thank you, Lord for the birds that sing
We thank you, Lord for everything!!

While at thanksgiving dinner, we decided it wouldn’t be in our best interest to go to school on Friday. Though exams were over, new material was not being started. It was more or less, review. Also, Dr. August was going to Belize City on Friday morning so we wouldn’t need to take the bus! Total score! We got to Belize City and to the water taxi stop and were on our way to Caye Caulker!! Caye Caulker is a very very small island about 5 miles long. There are no cars only boats, bicycles, and golf carts. We stayed at a quaint hotel for very cheap! On Friday we tried to soak up some sun and explore though it wasn’t super sunny. We ate, shopped some, browsed snorkeling places and waited for Valerie to meet us on the beach. The beaches all throughout Belize are not like ours. There’s not an abundance of sand and beach chairs to lay out on. But we set up a spot on the “beach” and waited for Val. While we waited, we made friends with (or rather, we were attacked) by small children that lived by or hotel. They knew no strangers and seemed to think I was some sort of jungle gym. Oh well. Eventually, some fisherman pulled up to the dock we were sitting near! One of them being Tom, the man who’s hotel we were staying at. Another man, from Austin, Texas invited us to come watch what they were doing. They had gone to check their lobster traps which they have out most of the year. They check them once a week and when it’s not lobster season, they fix the lobster traps as they are deteriorated from being in the water most of the year. We got to see them cut the lobster and save the tails. They looked great! We went out for a seafood dinner (blackened snapper and rice! Yum!) Then on Saturday, we got up early for breakfast! It was drizzling so we weren’t sure the snorkeling people would go out so we ate quickly and shopped around for the best deal. We finally booked with a tour and left at 11 for our snorkeling trip. This was seriously the coolest thing I’ve ever done! I bought an underwater camera and you’ll just have to see the photos! Possibly cooler than zip lining. I can’t even explain to you how amazing it was. In addition to seeing rays, sharks, lots of fish, barrier reef, and eel, we had lunch provided and fruit and then seviche and rum punch. It was just amazing!! Then Sunday was gloomy and not so fun. We’re hoping for a better weekend this weekend when we go to Caye Caulker! We already have reserved a condo! So excited! Our last weekend will be just as amazing!!












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