Weekend número uno!

Hello friends!

I hope you’re sitting in a comfortable chair because this might be a long post!

The weekend finally arrived! On Saturday, our excursion began with a trip to the zoo. We could not go to the Mayan ruins like we had planned so we changed our plans to include the zoo and then San Ignacio. Before I entered, I thought this zoo would be like every other zoo I’ve been too…tigers, zebras, elephants. But the Belize zoo really is as they claim and is “the best little zoo in the world”. This is because all of the animals are found here in Belize, the exhibits are up close and personal, and the zoo itself is in the jungle. The day, by the way turned out to be PERFECT!!! No rain, sunny skies, and warm!!! I cannot express to you how excited we were so here are some pictures:


So we saw all of the animals native to Belize up close and personal! We paid $5 to feed Runt the toucan too! I was sort of terrified as you can see on my face. His beak was not sharp but I was not comfortable sticking my fingers in his mouth and turning around to smile for the camera. Runt is blind in one eye because a tree fell on him some time ago. We fed him raisins for a while then were ready to go. We hadn’t seen the black jaguar yet so the zookeeper took us to his cage. The black jaguars name is Lucky Boy because he was rescued from an abandoned resort here and was malnourished. After watching the zookeeper feed Luck Boy, we decided to pay $5 to give Lucky Boy a high five. Yes, the toucan made me nervous, but I’ll high five a jaguar. Here are more zoo photos 🙂


I may add some more zoo photos to the end because I got some very good shots of the animals but I want to move on the the rest of the day. After the zoo we drove to San Ignacio. San Ignacio was so much more lively than Belmopan. There were people everywhere walking, shopping, and playing in the fountain. We walked around some then stopped at a restaurant in the square called Fuego. The restaurant was very modern and very delicious. I had a shrimp pesto wrap with grilled veggies and avocado. Yum! We loved it! Because we had some time and we were close by we also ventured up to Cahal Pech. This is the oldest Mayan ruins discovered in western Belize. It was so beautiful and amazing. We climbed up and sat where the king would have sat and walk where the king would have walked. We saw the beds, sauna, meditation room, kitchen, and the ball court where the winner would be sacrificed to the gods. Crazy. It was extremely neat to see where the archeologists and still excavating and discovering new walls. The ruins are under direst and trees and the door ways are filled in with rock because when the Mayans left, they didn’t want anyone to find where they had been. It must have taken them a lot of time to cover their tracks which means I guess they didn’t leave in too much of a hurry. Here are some pictures of that!! They are in a strange order but I’m not sure how to fix them so bear with the randomness.


More photos of animals in the zoo:






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