Third day and a lot of firsts!

Today was our first day walking to school on our own. This morning was cool with a mist falling. Definitely tropical weather because the sun came out shortly after while we were in class. At 10:30 we went over to the infant school where kindergarten through second grade have school. They were doing their cultural presentations on the Garifuna, mestizo, and creole people. This was very informative and the students were precious. Here are some pictures of their exhibits:






So after this presentation we went to lunch. We walked home for lunch and ate beans and rice, the national dish of Belize. Very delicious! We soon had to walk back to school. Unfortunately not much teaching is going on because of exams coming up so we reviewed social studies content then took a social studies test. On the walk back to school the sun was out and so so warm! So beautiful! I got to break out my shades!

Charlotte and I left a little bit early to go to the market. The market is on Tuesdays and Fridays and is full of fruits, vegetables, and fresh fish early in the morning. Because if all the rain and also going late in the day, we did not see fish or many vendors, but we did see lot of new fruits and some familiar ones like grapes and apples from the USA. Some new fruits we had were tiny bananas and mangosteen.

Here is a picture of the mangosteen. You break it open and eat the white part! It’s very sweet and has the consistency of a kiwi fruit….or what I image a slug would be like.





After our trip to the market, Valerie showed us a coffee shop with espresso drinks and ice cream. I got a frozen cappuccino which was delicious! Valerie also showed us some food places that are close to our school! Awesome because walking to home from school takes about 20 minutes.

The coffee shop:


And now we are having seafood! Red snapper for dinner!



And photos from the market!






And my school sign:


Tonight I believe the other girls are coming over to plan our weekend out. I believe we may do a couple day trips around Belmopan. We might go zip lining (yes, I’m terrified) and go to the blue hole (not the super deep one out in the reef…that’s for later. But this one is in a park near the caves here). We might just stay close so we can save our hotel fees for the cayes! Caye Caulker and San Jose! Look them up, people!

Next weekend we already have plans to drive south on Friday with Dr. August. He is going to Punta Gorda and stopping at small villages and schools on the way to hand out information about Galen University. We will go along and see how the different people live because some of them have thatched roofs. We will also just be able to explore. We are thinking about having him take us to Placencia down south which is a peninsula that is supposed to be very nice. Cannot wait to begin planning with the girls!!


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