Day four

I will try to keep today’s post short because I don’t feel I have a lot to say. Today we had muffins for breakfast then walked to school. Today was cultural presentation day for our students. A few of the students in my class were participating and we had a few students from another Standard II class came to our room. This made for a hectic day. This morning Mr. Garcia had to help set up in the room where the presentation would be. This left me alone with the students. It wouldn’t have been so bad if they were working in something but the students were told to sit and read. The students didn’t do exactly as they were instructed…Mr. Garcia Mae back and checked on them a few times and finally game them a math assignment that I could help with but this lasted the entire morning. Then it was our turn to go around to the cultural presentations. When at the last station, a downpour started. We were at the Garifuna station and Charlotte and I were offered some typical Garifuna dishes. We tasted tapou and bundiga. These are typically eaten with fish but this was not and was green bananas cooked in coconut milk and spices and peppers and other good stuff. It was different but good. Charlotte and I decided to go out for lunch today and try to find our way around. We went to a food court named Tippz and had some nachos. Something small and cheap. Then we walked past the coffee shop on our way back and they were open so we stopped for choli’s frozen coffees. This is frozen coffee with ice cream and cinnamon. Oh. My. Goodness, it was so good! I could just drink the coffee for lunch every day. Though we are located in Central America where coffee is grown, not many belizians drink coffee. Our family doesn’t own a coffee maker so if we want coffee in the morning it’s from the instant granules. While drinking in the coffee shop, another downpour began. We are told this is belize’s wet season but it usually doesn’t rain quite this much. My bag was back at school locked in the classroom so I was without an umbrella. Charlotte and I tried to share one but I got pretty soaked. Then when we returned to school, there were about 6 students and the cultural presentations were still happening so Mr. Garcia was still in and out of the room. Finally we did some science review that took a while but some students were still not there because of the presentations. This day I don’t feel like we did much but I did take some pictures of the classroom. I’m also beginning to realize my classroom is pretty bare compared to the others. I’m not sure if that’s because Mr. Garcia is new to this school or what but here ya go!

Oh! And we’re having escabeche for dinner which is an onion soup with vinegar, jalapeños, pepper, garlic, onions, and chicken. I’ll let you know how it tastes! 🙂







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