Day one and getting acclimated

Hello from Belize!! We arrived today! Belize is…hot, humid, and very green. Upon stepping off the plane, I knew not bringing my hair straightener was a good decision. The hair is going to get huge and curly. Hair isn’t important right now though. After walking onto the Tarmac, we went into the quaint airport to go through immigration and then customs. Charlotte and I chose the longest line known to man but what did we have to complain about? We were in Belize! We quickly found our luggage and went through customs with ease. There waiting for us were representatives of Galen University in Belize. These people were so friendly and welcoming. We have new friends in Joshua and Christy and have already made some weekend plans with them! On the way to meet Dr. August, we stopped and got a drink at a roadside stop. This place was neat because there were signed tee shirts along the ceiling rafters. The shirts were from all over the world and were signed by many people. The closest thing to home was a University of Louisville school of dentistry shirt. That was pretty amazing.

Talking to the Galen representatives about their culture and Belize was pretty impressive. They are pretty amazing people and had some profound things to say. I learned that if you don’t want to have fun you don’t come to Belize and that the Garifuna culture is very interesting. They have combined languages that were spoken here over the course of fighting for independence. They speak pieces of Arabic, French, and Spanish. Joshua is a Garifuna drummer and has traveled the world playing the drums for different events.

They took good care of us. Anyway, we dropped Meghan and Brandi off at their home stay and continued to Dr. August’s house for dinner. Dinner was macaroni and cheese, chicken, bread, and more bread. A good start to my trip. The homemade bread was pretty awesome and so far the food isn’t as strange as in Spain. Except I’m pretty sure I had part of the backbone of the chicken. Nothing goes to waste here. People don’t have a lot here but so far they are some of the most welcoming and hospitable people yet. The family I’m staying with has a young son in high school (so far pretty antisocial) and a four year old preschool student and she is adorable!!! She has already made best friends with Charlotte and I. We are taking over her room while we’re here so our room is decorated with Disney princess posters, butterflies, and glow in the dark stars. Perfect if you ask me! And also our house is pink. We live in Barbie’s Belizian bungalow! The accommodations are very nice and we even have room to put all of our clothes away! That will make things easy. These people are so welcoming and willing to help in so many ways to make us feel comfortable. (I say this as I’m watching some good ole TLC garbage on TV.)

Tomorrow we begin our journey with a tour of Galen University and then our host school. I’ll update soon. We will also meet the girl from wku who student taught here and is now working down here. Hopefully I can get some sleep!



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