Two days and ill prepared

So there’s two more days before I leave for Belize. I can honestly say that I am not prepared. Things I need to do: pack: find loose fitting clothes to wear because it may be hot, stuff to be outdoorsy in, American money, plug adapters, new makeup so I don’t run out while I’m down there and scare the kids away, gifts for the school kids, gifts for my host family, a bathing suit (duh), more American money.

After studying abroad previously for three months, I think I’m over thinking this four week trip but one can not be too prepared, right?!

I’ve had a busy week student teaching this week. In my last week of first grade, I was observed, finished my class assignments, finished my assignments for my supervisor, was observed by the district, and learned the songs for the Christmas play. Life was a bit stressful but after celebratory chili and peanut butter sandwiches (it’s delicious, try it) I realized maybe I’m more prepared for this trip (and the life of a big kid) than I thought.

I recently bought flats and a maxi skirt to wear but these are just the tangible necessary items. I have grown up a lot from student teaching. I was timid coming in but feel more confident as I leave the experience here in Kentucky and move to an international placement. Though I’m still scared of the real world…terrified actually; I know WKU, student teaching, and this international experience has taught and prepared me well. Bring on the challenge of packing!

First step: learn how to pack for the rainy season and 90 degree temps…



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