The beginning is near…sort of!

September 22, 2013


I’ve decided to begin this blog while I have a bit of free time this weekend. Beginning November 9th, I will be student teaching in Belize for a month! With the recent purchase of our tickets, I find it hard not to get overly excited about this trip! It will be such an adventure that I cannot wait to begin. 
Before I get on a plane, though, I have to survive this week in the 4th grade then 6 weeks of the 1st grade! Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to begin first grade, and I will be sad to leave my fourth graders this week. I will also be sad to leave the Bates community. The teachers and staff at this school are very laid back and easy to talk with. They are full of wisdom that I have learned from and I find myself looking up to them a great deal. I am excited to see what lies ahead for me as I have no idea where the next few months will take me. 
As you may know, I will be graduating in December with elementary education and Spanish degrees. I feel that these two majors set me apart from other teaching candidates. I will not be walking across the stage when graduating, however because I have decided to stay in Belize (Hopkins Beach) for an extra 4 days. I will be on the beach soaking up all that Belize has to offer. Mitchell will be meeting me down there and will be spending 4 days in paradise with me! I think that’s a pretty good excuse not to walk at graduation, don’t you?!
Keep up with me on my blog and you can experience Belize along with me!

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